Fashion More — 15 May 2012
Benson Backpacks

Have you ever seen a product, liked it and after you hear the story behind it liked it even more? Like ‘Toms’ for example. Well. Benson backpacks fall right in the same category. Not only are the bags really nice but how they came about and how they help a foundation is pretty awesome.

Benson Backpacks was started by Matthew Clough, who befriended a porter named Benson who helped him successfully climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Matthew was shocked to hear how much money Benson made at his job, and then felt inspired to use his luckier upbringing and position in life to help those less fortunate.

Every purchase of the rucksack/backpack bags, means $10 go to Knock Foundation, an organization that helps kids in Tanzania go to school. Bags are $74-78 and available via Benson Backpacks.


benson slide4 585x364 300x186 Benson Backpacks

benson slide 2 585x364 300x186 Benson Backpacks

railroad 2 1 300x300 Benson Backpacks

railroad   zipper 1 585x585 300x300 Benson Backpacks

railroad label 1 585x585 300x300 Benson Backpacks

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